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All Quiet on the Shelfian Front

Page history last edited by Cleolinda 12 years, 8 months ago

March 24th, 2009: In which White Arwen and Galadriel take pity on The Littlest Edward, Eowyn is still being an idiot about him, and he himself has... issues with Serafina's apparel.


In fact, if anyone's ruffled, it's Edward. "Could you PLEASE ask the Queen of the Witches of Lake Enara to put on some clothes?" he demanded through gritted teeth. "It's indecent."


"Technically, she's entirely clothed. I mean, she's got leggings, for God's sake."


"But they're so--transparent and--fleshy."










As noted in a followup entry,


There was an alternate picture I didn't post that might explain what was going on in the photos a bit better--the second one was actually supposed to be The Littlest Edward complaining ("IT'S INDECENT!," etc.) from "my" perspective sitting there at my desk. Also, Serafina's pose was supposed to look like this, only I couldn't quite get her legs to cooperate, so it ended up looking like more of a pinup pose (not unfittingly). And in case you were wondering how inadequately clothed Eva Green!Serafina tended to look in the movie, here you are.










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