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Anna Dollerious

Page history last edited by Cleolinda 11 years, 11 months ago

For some reason, I have a huge affection for the Anna Valerious character from Van Helsing, possibly because 1) I like Kate Beckinsale, 2) I have fond memories of Van Helsing in Fifteen Minutes, and/or 3) the character herself, muddy accent and lametastic death notwithstanding, was kind of awesome. Also, I have a huge thing for dolls in general, so when Sideshow put out a 12" figure, I had to have it.





Anna Dollerious currently occupies a place of honor on The Shelf; she also has one of the most accurate, detailed movie-replica costumes I've ever seen on a doll. And I haven't even told you about her sword, dagger and pistol yet.





Vital stats


  • Original character: Anna Valerious from Van Helsing
  • Actor likeness: Kate Beckinsale
  • Manufacturer: Sideshow Toy
  • Height: 12"
  • Accessories: Sword, dagger, pistol, bitch boots
  • Abilities: Kicking ass
  • Hobbies: Killing things
  • Family: Deceased (father killed by vampire, brother werewolfed)
  • Significant other: Elizabeth Swann
  • Nemesis: The Littlest Edward


Appears in


The real reason I cracked, though, is that the Sideshow Anna Dollerious is, quite simply, the most awesome movie replica doll I have ever seen. It's got buckles, it's got corsets, it's got corset-lacings, it's got tiny peasant-blouse embroidery. The hair is a bit out of control--a bit more Anna Valerifro than I wanted, and not the awesome long curls in the prototype picture--but other than that? Gold, all the way.












  • Much to my horror, a Sideshow Anna Valerious doll, presumably mint in box, appears very clearly in The 40 Year Old Virgin. (Well, "clearly" if you own one, and you see the movie on a 40-foot screen.) Look for the scene in the latter half of the movie where Steve Carell and Catherine Keener are fighting on his bed and a number of boxes are either knocked over or swept aside, I forget which.




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