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Aragorn's Safety Scissors

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 10 months ago


Aragorn's Safety Scissors:


Fed Ex just brought me The Arms of Aragorn, mounted* polystone miniatures that include "Strider's Longsword," "Aragorn's Shortbow" (even though it's just as long as the sword, thankyouverymuch), Strider's Pipe, Strider's Utility Blade, Aragorn's Elven Hunting Knife (seriously, no wonder the man's so conflicted. His mom can't even label all his stuff with the same name! Can't you see the little cigar box that he takes to kindergarten?** It's full of "Aragorn's Safety Scissors" and "Strider's Crayons" and "Estel's Elmer's Glue"), and Aragorn's Arrow. You know, the one. He just had one the whole movie, you know, with a rope attached to it so he could yank it back out of Slimy Orc #3758 and shoot it again. I think they cut that footage from the theatrical version.


*Doll! Eowyn is very depressed that the sword doesn't come off. It's much spiffier than Fugagorn's crooked plastic sword but almost exactly the same size, and she was looking forward to schooling him with it. I may have to hide my pocketknife before she goes over there and starts trying to chip the thing off.


**I don't know why, but I suddenly had this vision of Kindergarten Pippin eating paste, and Kindergarten Frodo falling off the slide and wailing, and Arwen and Legolas braiding each other's hair and playing clappy games. I have no idea what they did in kindergarten, though.


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