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Bad Cat

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My sister's grey cat. Inflicted a bad case of flesh-eating catbitis on me in January 2007.





Also known as The Cat of Indeterminate Gender:



I don't think the cat has been to the vet since s/he got fixed (we got confused as to the cat's gender for a few years. It's a long story), so we don't have any procedures in place for taking the cat anywhere, pretty much. And it's not a friendly cat. Due to the gender/name confusion with the cat (okay, here's the story. We thought it was a female kitten. We had it fixed. Hoshit, turns out it's a male cat. We decided not to tell Sister Girl, because we were afraid she'd be upset that the cat wasn't female after all. Look, she was twelve and we weren't thinking very clearly. So we proceed to call the cat "she" for nearly ten years. She named it AJ, after her favorite Backstreet Boy--yes, I'm aware of the irony of her giving a female cat that isn't actually female a unisex name--but the rest of us were not so hot on that, so we started calling the cat Miss Priss, and then, through baby talk, something that I guess you would spell "Misa." Rhymes with Lisa. Then one day a few months ago, I forget exactly what brought it up--my sister may have said something about wanting a male cat--I broke down and said, "You know..." And of course she was not only mad that we didn't tell her but flabbergasted as well. I mean, something she'd taken for granted for literally half her life--"We have a female cat"--has been turned on its head. And she's very insistent now that we use the correct pronouns. But we've been used to "Misa" and "she" for ten years, so... yeah. I'd just been calling the cat Kitty ["Hey, Kitty. S'up"] and Bad Cat ["Hey, Bad AUGH NOT MY ARM BAD CAT BAD CAT"] for a few years now, so I'm just continuing to do so), this is a cat that we call, after all, Bad Cat in lieu of a real name.



Furthermore, a Communist.




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