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Black Ribbon

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The Black Ribbon

A Victorian steampunk suspense serial* I originally posted in October 2003, intending for a new installment to come out each Friday until 10/31/03. It was a great plan, until graduate classes got in the way. On the upside, I've since planned out two series for the story, The Black Ribbon being the first of the two. If you've read what is currently online, you have read the first three chapters of the first volume ("The Bitter Kiss") of The Black Ribbon. Three more volumes (whose titles I'm keeping under my hat at the moment) would follow.


"The Bitter Kiss" is currently under a major renovation (which I often refer to as the Summer 2007 Revisions Zomg), with a number of new minor characters and an expansion of the steampunk element, which was kind of lacking in the original version.

Accompanied by the Bennet Correspondence.

*The story can actually be classified within a specific horror subgenre, but I like the idea of people not realizing what the story's really about until they hit chapter three.




  • Named after the folk tale about the woman who told her husband on her deathbed that he could untie the ribbon she'd worn for years around her neck; her head promptly fell off. I've seen variations of the story where they were children who grew up together, where the ribbon was red, yellow, green or black, and so on. The only connection is that Rose Hannah wears a black ribbon around her neck, but I was hoping to capitalize on the ooky feeling people get when they remember that story from their childhoods.


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