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Boys Wanna Fight

Page history last edited by Cleolinda 14 years, 6 months ago

May 21st, 2009: In which the Edwards brawl for courtship rights to The Littlest Bella, who is not doing a very good job of socializing on The Shelf.



"He's not going to 'get to her.' He promised on his honor as a gentleman. That he may or may not have." I sighed. "How about the sock drawer? Like... we'll open it up like a little trundle bed and she can have a sock for a sleeping bag."


"It has to be a clean sock--"




"--it has to be the best sock."











  • That really is one of the best doll pictures I have ever taken. I still don't know how I managed it.


  • Yes, I did try to photograph the Edward/Edward fight. I know people were disappointed when there were no pictures, but... trust me, it wasn't working. I'd rather have no pictures than ruin your mental image with a bad one.


  • What Galadriel said to Story!Me will be revealed in a later installment.


  • Bella does, in fact, say in Twilight that she's already read all the books on her new English class syllabus, and she's already done the activities in biology because she wasn in an AP class back in Phoenix. I can only assume she thought the other kids were morons.


  • I really don't have a lot of socks, seriously. I'm not too good about cute shoes, either. Mostly it's sneakers or barefoot for me.


  • I don't know that the Bella Swan character would dislike pink, but it seems like a safe bet. As for "Letters are cool," in the movie, she looks around at her new bedroom and tells her father, "Purple's... cool." (Look: I figure that if I've got shit burnt into my brain this extensively, I might as well play with it.)


  • I ended up having to add "and his rival's cookies" to the last sentence because half the readership thought Tonner Edward had left them. Literally, responses seemed pretty evenly split down the middle--and almost everyone was like, "Oh, you made it perfectly clear, it was [one Edward or the other]." So the problem wasn't just that half the readers got the wrong idea--it's that they were getting it really strongly. 


  • love Garbage, hence the wiki entry title (it's a song off their Bleed Like Me album).







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