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Carolina Moon

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Possibly one of the most awesome movies ever made. Has the added distinction of being based on a book by the Divine Nora Roberts.


She's psychic! She would know! (November 16th, 2007):


"Is that--Claire Forlani?"


"Oh, Claire Forlani. What happened to you? When was this made? "

"Like, this year. Okay, so Claire Forlani is psychic, and the blonde girl is a country singer--"

And I just started laughing, because I knew at that moment that this would be awesome.

"And Claire Forlani moved away from her family that beat her but now she's back and they're brother and sister--"

"Wait, who's brother and sister?"

"Her and that guy. And her best friend was killed when they were kids, but the guy only killed one of the sisters. And so she kind of has this thing with the town veterinarian, but now she's sleeping with the brother--"

"Wait, she's sleeping with her brother?"

"No! She's sleeping with the sister's brother!"

"Her sister's brother--?"

"NO, the dead best friend's sister's brother! They're all brother and sisters! Except for the one he's sleeping with, who is Claire Forlani!"

"So... wait, who's into the veterinarian?"



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