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Cassie Edwards

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The subject of a plagiarism scandal that broke in January 2008.



What happened was...





  • Nora Roberts, a frequent SBTB commenter (and how awesome is that?), perceiving how vast swaths of plagiarism would reflect on romance as a genre, immediately posted that


Reporting isn’t bashing, and very often reporting isn’t nice. I don’t know Cassie, and would never bash her. But I will bash, again and again, the act of any writer copying another’s work--and calling the work his/her own. Tolerating it or defending it isn’t standing up for the writer, it’s standing up for the act of copying.


  • Roberts was subsequently the one media outlets went to for quotes (in no small part because she's a best-selling author, period), which created the perception of some kind of Roberts - Edwards feud, although Roberts' first comment clearly says, "I don't know Cassie, and would never bash her."


  • Due to this perceived feud, Edwards fans began to attack Roberts in addition to the Smart Bitches. "Samantha" commented,


Ms. Roberts: I find it appalling that you have joined in with smartbitches witch hunt. [....] I don’t know why you think you are some kind of legend of romance and feel it’s your job to go out and publicly trash another author. Why didn’t you contact Ms. Edwards and discuss your feelings with her? You write for same publisher and I’m sure you could have gotten her phone number. That is how a professional would have handled it. I’m am so disappointed in the way Ms. Edwards has already been found guilty when she hasn’t even been charged with anything. Shame on you and everyone else involved.


At this point, Roberts' patience snapped, and she shot back one of the greatest retorts I have ever seen from a published author in my time upon this earth:


Samantha, I was actually going to write a calm, reasoned, polite response to your blathering. Instead, I’ll give you an example of unprofessional.

Bite me.


Let it be noted that, in the words of SBTB poster Jackie L. at that link, "Nora Roberts... has published over 150 books and has 280 million copies of her books in print. Cassie Edwards has 10 million copies of 100 books in print.  280 million is more than 10 million."



  • As of this writing (late January 2008), l'affaire Edwards is on-going; there have been no consequences for Edwards as of yet.





Images: Smart Bitches, Trashy Books header; Signet Cassie Edwards covers; black-footed ferret picture found on Google Images; screencap of Roberts comment from SBTB; plagiarized Paul Tolme text from Edwards' Shadow Bear.


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