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What is Cleoland? Well, it's the name of this wiki, because "cleolinda" is already taken--by me, for my writing notebook. It's also an expression I've used before, in passing--"We don't put up with that in Cleoland," that kind of thing--but when I decided to start up this wiki, I started thinking about what it could actually mean.

Basically, my biggest concern is that people don't think I basically started a fansite for myself, because 1) that would be unspeakably lame and 2) that's not what this is anyway. What I really wanted was to use the wiki functionality to set up FAQs for Movies in Fifteen Minutes and Occupation Girl, as well as have a quick place where I could link to an explanation of Potterdämmerung, or a list of icon folders, or a full list of Twilight recaps.

I just love the wiki functionality, really. It's like being able to write in three dimensions--you're not just going forwards or backwards, you can actually go to the side, off on tangents, up and down. So once I first had the thought, "I should make a wiki for my Livejournal," obviously I started thinking about what else I could do with it. I could use it as a place to list things I like (and don't like). It could become something like a three-dimensional memoir--not constricted by a need to start at the beginning and move through the boring parts in a linear fashion, but rather to stop here and there and talk about only the interesting things. What it could really be, I finally realized, is a way to map out the world as it exists for me: literally, Cleoland. And the thing about that is, you have your own Cleoland--Jennyland or the People's Republic of Tina or Laurasia or whatever. I mean, you don't actually have to make up some twee name for it, but the world as it exists for you is unlike anyone else's world. Go forth and start mapping it: what you like, what you've seen, what you've done, what you hope to do. Cleoland's just my address. What's yours?



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