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J.J. Abrams monster movie that, depending on your point of view, 1) revolutionized the genre, 2) didn't live up to the hype, 3) co-opted 9/11 in a disgusting fashion, or 4) left you hworfing in the theater restroom from motion sickness. Note: None of these are mutually exclusive. I tend towards 1), myself.



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I'd read reviews that complained about the banality of the conversation in the first twenty minutes, but... dude, I thought that was the point. (How many parties have these people been to lately?) I thought the whole point was, these people are just as banal and chatty and gossipy as we are, and it's a just another normal night for OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! DID YOU SEE IT?! IT'S HUGE!!1!

Speaking of which, you see way more of the monster than I expected. You see it in frequent split-second glimpses; I don't know that you ever really get a really thorough look at it, although some wide aerial shots late in the movie when the gang is in a helicopter come close.... Oh, and by the way, I vote that we name the monster Darwin, because he single... six-handedly removed some very, very stupid people from the gene pool.












Images: © 2008 Paramount Pictures. Block text from Occupation: Girl writeup.




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