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The Great God Cthulhu: Octopus-headed elder god from some non-Euclidean realm, will eventually eat us all, sometimes appears in plushie form. Mostly, though, I prefer Lovecraft's straight-up spookier, less baroque works. I also have... really strange dreams sometimes:


I dreamed that I was at this giant-but-extremely-rickety outdoor stadium watching what I think was a baseball game with Jennifer Connelly. She left to get us something to eat and came back with a chocolate bar, but then she was upset because it didn't have almonds like she thought, and we were arguing over whether to return it or not when (and I am not making this up) the Elder God Cthulhu showed up riding a two-headed... something... and we made a break for it. When I got home, the news was showing all this footage of Cthulhu eating people as the skies went black and everyone was running and screaming. Kids, just say no to midnight snacks.


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