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Doll Props

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A list of props that did not come with the Secret Life dolls themselves, i.e., made, found, or bought separately for the purpose of the story.





  • Pie: Miniatures from Pancake Meow
  • Cotton balls ("donated plush") for The Littlest Edward





  • Anna's stakes: "Formal" toothpicks, attached to her belt with a paper clip
  • Metal bookmark with bead and metal dangle, used by Lyra
  • Susan Pevensie's Christmas gifts (bow, arrows, horn), used by Eowyn





  • Anna's tinfoil hat
  • Iorek's "skyfoil" armor





  • Eowyn's starry mantle: a blue scarf with moons and stars
  • Anna's cross: an old earring on dental floss





  • Arwen's sewing kit: two actual sewing kits combined
  • Galadriel's "mirror": a sauce dish wrapped in foil
  • Lyra's knapsack: a small drawstring bag
  • Serafina's "cloud-juniper": actual juniper branch from front yard




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