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Edward Dollen

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Can refer to any of a number of licensed Twilight Edward Cullen figures. At the moment, I own two: NECA Edward (The Littlest Edward) and Tonner Edward.




NECA Edward Dollen (1)




Also known as "Cheap-Ass Edward Dollen," "Zombie Edward Dollen," and "The Littlest Edward."



NECA 1 Pros


  • Is cheap ($16.99 at Hot Topic, kthnx)
  • Is a fairly good resemblance to Movie!Edward. I mean, considering



NECA 1 Cons


  • Coat is part of body
  • Is kind of terrifying
  • May eat your brains
  • Just as soon as he touches up his lipstick



NECA 1 in Person


Looks a lot better than in the official pictures; in terms of The Secret Life of Dolls, turned out to be a sweetheart.





NECA Edward Dollen (2)




Only comes in a two-pack with a Bella Swan figure.



NECA 2 Pros


  • Comes with a Bella
  • Kristen Stewart likeness of said Bella is pretty good
  • Is similarly cheap
  • Also has a fairly good resemblance to Movie!Edward
  • Looks less likely to eat your brains



NECA 2 Cons


  • Comes with a Bella
  • Sunglasses are part of face
  • Looks just enough like Robert Pattinson for the Uncanny Valley effect to kick in



Tonner Edward Dollen





Tonner Pros


  • Tonner makes extremely high-quality dolls--ask Elizabeth and Lyra
  • Isn't more terrifying than NECA Edward, at least
  • That coat will never stop being awesome



Tonner Cons


  • Bitch-ass expensive (I'm hearing $139.99 at the moment. EACH)
  • Manages to stalk Bella even as a doll
  • Looks more like David Boreanaz than Robert Pattinson
  • No, seriously
  • Subsequent prototypes went... downhill



Tonner Edward in Person


Arrived with fearsome hair, a tiny Cullen crest wristband, and a fierce coat. Far less terrifying than the first prototype; when introduced to him, dozens of readers remarked on a (not inappropriate) James Dean likeness.





The Secret Life of Dolls


A primary source of drama on The Shelf. Both of them.



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