Es un tostador

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Es un tostador (November 9th, 2006):


Also, I really want creme brulee now. (Yes, I know there are properly about three different accent marks employed in that dessert, but try telling the Food Network that.) Instead of that, we're having breakfast for dinner, most likely employing the new toaster, about which I am way too excited. The old toaster finally just died on us--you'd depress the lever even a teensy bit, you might just think about taking out some bread, and it'd go off like a game show buzzer. "What is NO TOAST FOR YOU!" So we got a new one that has one removable crumb tray, two levers, three settings, and four slots (ah ah ahhh!). It reheats! It defrosts! It... bagels? It bagels! Which is not even to mention the fact that it is trilingual. (It's a toaster! C'est un grille-pain! Es un tostador!) My toaster is smarter than I am and I love it.



Metaquoted as "Cleolinda has achieved toaster nirvana." Awww.


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