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Girl Talk II

Page history last edited by Cleolinda 11 years, 9 months ago

April 5, 2009: In which Faramir One puts his foot in his mouth (again), Faramir Two tries to figure out how to not get himself killed, and I have a talk with Serafina. Also: The Littlest Edward gets a scrapbook.



"And you're definitely not straight. You know this for sure."


 "Well, I spent a lot of time on duty in Ithilien... all those men, alone, all by their mansomeness, the lonely nights in the woods and the caves... I'm sure."











  • Acknowledgements: The idea that Edward Cullen scrapbooks is purely an invention of Growing Up Cullen, so any story touching on that owes them a fannish debt, really.


  • Much of Doll!Serafina's characterization comes from the "Fog and Ice" chapter of The Golden Compass (or Northern Lights, depending on which edition you have); "We are all subject to the fates" is a direct quotation from that chapter.


  • That said, Doll!Serafina's musings on witches' emotions ("worn away by time"; "some so forcefully that they eclipse others") and desire ("desire that grips you by the shoulders," etc.) are not quoted from or even directly supported by the His Dark Materials books, but are rather my attempt to expand on what Philip Pullman tells us about the witches. (Although Serafina's statement about not feeling cold is, in fact, adapted from a line in the book already referenced in "Serafina's Lover.")


  • "Killing lovers who spurn us is a tradition, really" is a reference to a minor witch character, Juta Kamainen, in The Subtle Knife (the second book). What this character does is the basis for the "Serafina's lover" storyline.







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