Girl Talk III

April 9, 2009: In which The Littlest Edward tends his ponies, Galadriel has a warning, and Lizzie goes on a bender.



  He waved his hand in a broad, glum gesture at the little carry-case stable. "This is my life now."


"Well, once they've settled down for the night, you can scrapbook a little. Or write in your journal!"

"What do I have to write about? April 6th: 'Exercised tiny pastel horses. Fed them. Combed them. Nobody likes me.'"



"I just can't--I don't see it the same way she does, it's so black-and-white for her. He shouldn't have attacked the bear, but things happen, you know? You have to move on at some point, live and let live." She took off her hat and ran her hands through her hair. "I sent a man to his death, and even he got over that!"

























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