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His Sword Is Totally Crooked

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Link: January 15, 2006.


I do already have the Toy Biz 12" Aragorn, but he's Fugagorn, the Fug of Men. I got advance emails from Sideshow, as one of their longtime suckers customers, and Eowyn!Doll looked over my shoulder and said, "Buy him for meeeee!" Now, given that I have two Arwens, two Galadriels (one Toy Biz, one Barbie), an Anna Valerious Dollerious and a Sleeping Beauty in addition to the Eowyn, and only one male doll in all of Cleodom, you can see that we have a bit of a Y chromosome shortage. "And the one you've got? His sword is totally crooked," added Eowyn. I didn't even want to ask if that was a euphemism for anything or not. The real reason I cracked, though, is that the Sideshow Anna Dollerious is, quite simply, the most awesome movie replica doll I have ever seen. It's got buckles, it's got corsets, it's got corset-lacings, it's got tiny peasant-blouse embroidery. The hair is a bit out of control--a bit more Anna Valerifro than I wanted, and not the awesome long curls in the prototype picture--but other than that? Gold, all the way. So I'm pretty much committed to any Sideshow doll of a character I really like. If they start putting out Arwens or--God help us all--Galadriels, I am screwed.



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