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Home on the Range

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April 27th, 2009: In which Anna is imprisoned, Elizabeth and Tonner Edward have... an encounter, and The Littlest Edward becomes a man of property.



"What's wrong with that one?"


"There's nothing wrong with Sundance!"


"Then why is she wearing a muzzle? What, is she My Little Hannibal Lecter or something?"


"That is a BRIDLE, are you IGNORANT."









  • The blue box of yellow horseshoes and the low yellow table in this picture are actually from the Dream Castle playset; I just decided to throw them in anyway. A bed did come with the stable playset, but it may not actually be the one in this picture; I had two very similar pink plastic beds and just went with the one I thought I remembered fitting. (Sorry, that was all for the fellow pony nerds in the house.)


  • Edward's new ponies in this picture are (left to right) Powder, Cherries Jubilee, and Lickety Split. Sundance is the pink and white pony in subsequent pictures; she and a Megan doll (which I do still have) came with the stable playset.


  • The rocking chair was a gift from a reader that I had not mentioned before, and decided to just slip in the background and see who would notice. (It's a reference to the rocking chair from which Edward watches Bella sleep in Midnight Sun.)


  • Speaking of Midnight Sun, I believe that's where Edward says he has two degrees in medicine. Which makes him screwing around in high school biology forever even stupider.


  • As a point of interest, four days after I bitched about NECA's Bella not being out in this entry, I finally heard that she would be shipping the next week. You can thank me later for willing it to happen.







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