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Lost countries

The original goal of the "Lost countries" was not to be hopelessly twee (no matter how it may appear to the contrary), but to give myself a way to segue from scene to scene in a recap. You can only say "Somewhere Else in the Jungle" so many times, after all. So you go with the character that the next scene is about, and you give them a location name.




One of my chief personal failings is an inability to finish anything (except, perhaps, the book). This shows up in the Lost recaps, which continue faithfully until late in season one, cut off, pick up with the first episode of season two, disappear for an entire season, and pick back up with the first three episodes of season three. As of February 2007, the other three from that six-episode “mini-season” are still unwritten, as are all of the other skipped episodes. Uh... sorry, you guys.


People have asked me what my recapping method is, and I’ll say up front that almost all of the recaps have been written after a single viewing, often in the two or three hours immediately after the show. The original “recap” was simply one of my manic bursts of stream of consciousness, and people liked it so much that I just kept doing it. This snowballed into an entire Recap Process, which is about the time it started to feel like work. But generally, I would start scribbling (sometimes typing) notes as I watched (which, as you can imagine, did not make for quality viewing). The recap would then proceed from memory, using the notes and insta-screencaps from Lost Media as a plotline guide. After burning through three or four thousand words, I’d go back and proofread; if the show ended at 9 pm my time, I would often have the recap up by 11:30 pm. The reason the second season went largely unrecapped was because I actually watched that season with a friend and really enjoyed it--but if I leave the recap until the day after, it often just doesn’t get done. I have the first two DVD sets now, and in theory could go back and recap all the missing episodes. Someday.


Complete list of available recaps





Link: Lost icon folder. Made by matching lines from the recaps to the appropriate screencap. Samples:




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