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Matinee Idols

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March 13, 2009: In which we discuss a freakishly lifelike Christian Bale/John Connor figure, among other summer movie dolls.





"There is such a thing as being too butch," Faramir muses. "Although... I wonder what he's like when the armor comes off at night, the dirt and grime of the day, when he finally lets his guard down... or is he overcompensating for something? Ugh."










  • I had a different entry planned for this day--the entry that would eventually be posted after this one--but the John Connor link was too good to sit on. And also, I had wanted to have Anna and Elizabeth on the outs a bit longer.


  • The thing about foreshadowing a Secret Life storyline is, I never quite know what I'm going to end up being able to buy, so I usually have a few ideas kicking around--and in order to set them up, I have to drop hints just in case. There are a number of "possible storyline" hints, but also two solid "I actually need to mention this now to set up a story for later" hints as well. One of those will play out fairly soon after this entry. The other one could take months to pay off.


  • There are two--wait, three. Wait, maybe four--different allusions or jokes based on the "this actor played both these characters" idea. I'm not sure if anyone got the Annamaria/Uhura one, though.


  • "Tiny Rorschach's journal" was a joke that originated on the Watchmen episode of the Made of Fail podcast, which I had recorded two nights before. Instead of the "gypsies" bit (referring here to Anna), the book has Rorschach musing on Ozymandias's "homosexual tendencies."







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