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Mea Culpa

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March 20th, 2009: In which I try to save The Littlest Edward from the mob, and he does his best to throw himself to it.


Initially I carried Edward over to the bed in protective custody (a Tupperware box), but he insisted on facing them without any barriers, mostly because I think he was hoping they would actually kill him. The Littlest Edward, he has issues.









  • Iorek's new armor was made from a cut-up paper towel tube, more foil, and rubber bands.


  • Re: "The Gyptian lady": "Gyptian" is the word for "gypsy" in Lyra's world, and Anna, as she is fond of reminding people, is a gypsy princess.


  • The characterization of The Littlest Edward in this entry is drawn more from Midnight Sun than Twilight.


  • Galadriel's big scene in The Fellowship of the Ring is when Frodo offers her the Ring, hence the reference to "temptation."


  • The alethiometer symbols and their intended significance, based on the poster (and which pay off in The Early Bird. SPOILERS): the Madonna (motherhood/the feminine = woman, non-literal mother figure, maternal concern), the cauldron (achieved wisdom = witchcraft), the angel (cheating a bit here--Serafina's robes and ability to fly make her look a little like an angel, but this was really a red herring to support the "dead mother" theory), the horse (journey = Serafina is traveling and on her way; fidelity = Serafina is loyal to Lyra and her interests),  the chameleon (air = Serafina flies), the sword (justice, fortitude = Serafina will defend Lyra as necessary), the walled garden (nature = Serafina lives in the wild; innocence = Lyra is an "innocent"; order = Serafina will keep order as a guardian), the griffin (watchfulness = Serafina will watch over Lyra; courage = Serafina is brave), the helmet (protection; narrow vision = Lyra is Serafina's sole priority).



  • I had not, in all honesty, ordered anything since The Littlest Edward. The next arrival to the shelf was a surprise gift from a reader who wanted to remain anonymous (see The Early Bird). The doll in question (which arrived Friday afternoon, early enough for me to add the alethiometer section as foreshadowing) was not the only one from the anonymous reader, but I decided to hold the other(s) back until later in the storyline.







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