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militant Clive Owenist

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1. Someone who might refuse to see Casino Royale because "the wrong actor" is playing Bond. 2. Someone who might finally get around to seeing Casino Royale on DVD and still not be won over by its charms. 3. My mother, which is really funny when you consider that she spent two years or so calling Clive Owen "that guy in King Arthur." As of August 2007, she's still holding strong:


Over dinner, I ran down a quick list of movie news I thought my mother would be interested in; you may remember that she's a gigantic Bond fan. "It's still gonna have That Guy, though, isn't it?" "LOOK, YOU NEED TO GET OVER THAT." "I CAN'T. THAT MOVIE WAS AWFUL." "YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND." "HE WAS BLOND!" It's tearing our family apart, I'm telling you.


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