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my mother

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Things you should know about my mother


  • Very sweet, very smart, very professional.

  • Has two primary modes: Martha Stewart and Mominator.

  • Loves recreational baking. Specialties include pralines, fudge, Texas chocolate cake, Italian cream cake, and a custard-based banana pudding.

  • After my father left, married her original college sweetheart, my stepfather George.

  • Once walked into a car dealership and said, very politely, "This is the car I want, and I want it in California Blue, and I want it with a moon roof, and I want it for this price. Someone in this town is going to sell me that car. It can be you, or it can be someone else." And got it.

  • Loves dogs, the Jack Bauer Power Hour, and Clive Cussler novels. Also movies about submarines.

  • And Bond movies. But not Casino Royale.

  • Seriously, hates the Daniel Craig Bond so bad I can't even tell you.

  • On the other hand, obsessively loves Jack Sparrow.

  • Loves movies in general, but cannot remember the names of them. Ever.




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