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Mystery Science Theater 3000

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A fantastic show that aired weekly on Comedy Central and then the Sci-Fi Channel, wherein some guy (Joel Hodgson initially, who was later replaced by one of the writers, Mike Nelson, onscreen) and two robots would sit in a darkened theater (you would see them silhouetted at the bottom of the screen) and snark on some terrible movie for two hours straight. I spent the better part of my high school and college years watching this show, and it probably did a lot towards shaping my sense of humor. At the same time, their method is, in a certain way, the opposite of Movies in Fifteen Minutes' MO: Joel/Mike and the 'bots have to fill the entire runtime of the movie with commentary, whereas I'm supposed to be concise and condense things. I'm just saying, it's sometimes difficult for an MST3K fan to do that.



Favorite episodes

Let it be noted, first of all, that I have a particular love for the black and white '50s movies. The theatrical MST3K, by the way, goes without saying. Also, and I hate admitting this, but it's necessary: I've never seen a Joel episode. (Edited to add: Okay, I've now seen "Manos": The Hands of Fate {good God}. But I didn't see it until at least ten years after I started watching the show.) He seems like a nice guy--didn't he show up in Diabolik?--but since I didn't get to see the show until it hit the Sci-Fi Channel, I've only ever seen Mike episodes, and thus am a Mike girl all the way. That said, now that a lot of the episodes are either on DVD or You Tube, I'm going to try to catch up.

  • Leech Woman

This may have been the very first one I saw, I'm not sure, and still one of my top favorites. I seem to remember Malla and June's respective youthifications as being a high point.

  • The Thing That Wouldn't Die

"I HOPE YOU HAVE SNACKS!" I think it's the crazy-moody "teenage" niece who makes this one. "This peignoir is for me and my future husband."

  • I was a Teenage Werewolf

The last ten minutes of the first hour are hilarious. How hilarious? I remember this fact despite not having seen it in years, that's how. (For those of you watching versions without commercials: it's the part where Frank the Weresnack is walking home through the woods.)

  • Parts: The Clonus Horror

I can take or leave the second hour, but the first hour is, simply put, one of the funniest things I've ever seen ("The Longtime Companion Olympics!"). Also notable because The Island basically stole the entire concept.

  • Giant Spider Invasion

"It's a Giant Spider Invasion of savings at Bernard's!"

  • Horror at Party Beach

Another one where my favorite parts are in the first hour. "We lip-sync re-al baaaaaad!"

  • Time Chasers

It's just so... earnest... and... bad.

  • Overdrawn At the Memory Bank

Poor Raul Julia. But I kind of love the way the movie looks like it was made on a PBS budget, possibly to run after Mathnet.

  • Puma Man

How can you not love this one?

  • The Final Sacrifice

"Please? One more?" "All right, but this is the final sacrifice."

  • Quest of the Delta Knights

This one puts up a hard fight to be my absolute favorite. Poor, poor David Warner.

  • SoulTaker

This one's so bad that I don't even feel sorry for Joe Estevez. Conversely, it's therefore one of the funniest episodes.

  • It Lives by Night

"Well, IT shouldn't drink so much coffee!" I'm also inexplicably fond of the faux-Julee Cruise theme song. Note: If you go search it out on YouTube (it's broken up into eight or nine parts), you'll actually find, as of this writing, the original unedited version. That is to say, you get to watch the guys move around between "commercial breaks," rewind the movie if someone screws up, break character, and, in this case, go on a profane, extended Coily riff.

  • Horrors of Spider Island

Another '50s movie that I just inexplicably love. The MSTing, I mean, not the actual movie.

  • Diabolik

It's such a bad movie, and yet... it has such flair, you know? I kind of want to live in this movie, or at least Diabolik's lair.


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