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Oscar Telecast Spoilers from the Future

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 4 months ago

Oscar Telecast Spoilers from the Future. Context: This was written for the 2005 ceremony, which the producers had announced would feature presenters standing in the audience, nominees waiting on stage, and other "innovations" to shorten the running time.

7:33. Best Supporting Actress: Sometimes, but not always, they give the supporting trophies out first. Tonight is one of those nights, because producer Gil Cates wants to introduce the changes he's making to the show gradually. "EVERYBODY UP FRONT!" he yells while some very confused-looking actresses wobble up the stairs in their complicated couture gowns. Natalie Portman trips over her shapeless flapper dress, and Virginia Madsen and Laura Linney snicker and just let her go down like a ton of bricks. Okay, maybe a pound of bricks.


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