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I have loved the Oscars ever since I was thirteen years old and my mother's cousin was nominated for set decoration on The Fisher King--I'm sure we had the show on before then, but that's the first one I remember watching on my own all the way through. I've watched it every year since, and while I'd always loved movies, I think of that as the year I became a movie buff. I grew up somewhat bitterly in a football-crazy school system, so--in a metaphor many people have used--the Oscars were always my Super Bowl; they even had their own little award-show playoffs. Also, our Super Bowl was a lot prettier.


Once I had the Daily Digest, of course, I started writing about the Oscars each year, and in the course of things, started liveblogging (as did a lot of people) before corporate media sites really picked up on it as a trend. The thing about the internet, about individual bloggers having their own small readership fiefdoms, is that we become little entertainment reporters, and as such, become part of the circus ourselves. And I mean that in a fun way.


The weird thing about celebrity culture—-particularly our current culture, in which everyone is famous for fifteen minutes, or at least thirty seconds—-is that I feel compelled to namecheck things I know you don’t give a shit about. Like, I feel like I should be telling some breathless reporter, “Well, my bubblebath was Bath and Bodyworks’ Mango Mandarin; my towel was Royal Velvet; and my pajamas are by Laundry Basket."


"Now, we're hearing that your drink tonight is Sunkist...? Beverage stylists across the country are asking, what happened to your lifelong collaboration with Mountain Dew?"


"Well... [wistful shrug] they just didn't show up today. Sunkist stepped in when I needed them most."


And the reporter will shake her head and wish me a good night with the commentary.




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