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pet peeves

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Things that drive me absolutely nuts (a list in progress):


  • Interpersonal conflict: Why? Why is it necessary? Be confident enough in your opinions to let other people have their own, and stop picking arguments for the "fun" of arguing.
  • Forced cleaning: Strangely, I have no problem cleaning up the kitchen when I'm cooking, or cleaning up a family room. I just absolutely hate being given a large cleaning project (attic, closet, umpteen hundred moving boxes from college) and being told that I need to do it now.
  • However: CLEAN UP THE DAMN KITCHEN YOURSELF. It's your mess, and no, I don't want to wait three hours until you get around to throwing away your wrappers and putting your dishes in the sink, where they shouldn't even be because the dishwasher is perfectly functional. DO IT YOURSEEEEEEEELF. And don't bitch at me when I break down and do it myself.
  • Interruptions. Look, it's bad enough if I'm in the zone and trying to write with my headphones on (and my headphones will always be on) and you need something, but don't keep coming back, for God's sake. Particularly if all you "need" is to tell me about something funny you saw on TV or something some other family member said that pissed you off or "just to check on me." Again, it wouldn't bother me as much ("WOE, I am an ARTEEST! I cannot WORK in these conditions!") if people wouldn't keep doing it ten times an hour.



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