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Remembrance of Sparkles Past

Page history last edited by Cleolinda 11 years, 11 months ago

April 20th, 2009: In which Eowyn and Faramir return from their romantic getaway, the Edwards argue Proust, and Serafina is not impressed.


They looked happy together, and happier with themselves together, and none were so happy as they in the history of ever as they walked hand-in-hand in the sunlit glades of my sister's room. Except that I think Arwen and Aragorn were supposed to be super-existentially happy in Lórien together or something. And I know Beren and Lúthien were supposed to be The Greated Love That Ever Loved. And didn't Melian and Thingol, like, stand in the woods and stare at each other for two hundred years or something, and the Teleri were like YO THING, WE GOT TO GO, THE ISLAND'S HERE and he was all like mmmtrance and then he and Melian finally woke up or whatever and he was like, "S'up, let's go," and the Teleri were all like, "Well, we don't want to leave now, we just got comfortable,"and that's why everyone stayed in Beleriand? So what I'm saying is, no one not dating an elf was ever so happy as Eowyn and Faramir. Whatever.









  • I had always believed that Abdullah was a Breyer Arabian, but apparently he's a Trakehner model.



  • "Horsy People" is what I called the Rohirrim in the book (except that I think my British editors spelled it horsey).


  • As of this entry, Tonner Edward's Helmet Pompadour had, in fact, been combed through. It largely remained the same shape, although it had less of a center ridge and more of a leftwards drift (as you can see from the pictures).


  • I had totally forgotten about the Proust reference in "Growing Up Cullen" until someone reminded me--I ended up choosing Proust because 1) it was the most pretentious thing I could think of; 2) I really was a French/Spanish double major in college and so had read some of it in French; and 3) I had been holding on to that Madeleines Don't Crumble link forever and was thrilled to finally use it for something.


  • I had always heard À la recherche du temps perdu translated as Remembrance of Things Past (hence the entry title here on the wiki), and this was the title of the original 1922 - 1931 translation, but apparently the accepted title in English for several years now has been the more literal In Search of Lost Time.







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