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Secret Life Read-Through

Page history last edited by Cleolinda 10 years, 7 months ago


How to Use the Read-Through


By popular request: a simple way to read the Secret Life of Dolls entries in sequence. Also, by reposting each installment here on the wiki, I have a backup in case anything happens on/to LiveJournal (and you have a way of reading the story if their servers go temporarily robust). So: at the beginning and end of each wiki repost entry, you will see a header and a footer:


<< Previous entry // Original LJ post // Wiki entry // Read-through main page // Next entry >>


  • "Next entry" is the most useful link; it'll take you straight to the next installment. "Previous" will allow you to go back one, naturally enough.


  • "Original LJ post" will take you to the Secret Life installment as it first appeared on LiveJournal, if you want to read the comments (people frequently share user icons there, for example).


  • "Wiki entry" will take you to the entry here about that installment, which was originally how I tried to help people read the story in sequence. The wiki entries also have a character list, notes on the story, icons if available, etc. The read-through entries, on the other hand, have no additional content.


  • "Read-through main page" will bring you back here.



Early mentions


Or perhaps, more accurately, brief mentions that were not full entries. The actual "The Secret Life of Dolls" entry falls somewhere in the middle of these.




Full entries


  1. The Secret Life of Dolls
  2. More from the Secret Life of Dolls
  3. Guys and Dolls
  4. The Prototype
  5. Night Terrors
  6. The Rival
  7. The Interview
  8. Anticipation
  9. The Newcomer
  10. Well, A Few Creatures Were Stirring
  11. His Doll Materials
  12. Good Things, Small Packages
  13. Double Trouble
  14. Dollspam 1
  15. Dollspam 2
  16. A Momentous Occasion
  17. Scenes from a Shelf / Dollspam 3
  18. An Unexpected Development
  19. Zombie Sold Separately
  20. Game On
  21. The Continuing Saga
  22. Skyfoil, Scarves and Sparklepires
  23. The Starry Mantle
  24. Mirror, Mirror in the Bowl
  25. The Day Has Come
  26. He Who Fights Monsters
  27. Second Day, Third Degree
  28. The Care and Keeping of Your Sparklepire
  29. The Last Straw
  30. Matinee Idols
  31. A Shelf Divided
  32. The Scene of the Crime
  33. The Sparkle Protection Program
  34. Mea Culpa
  35. The Early Bird
  36. All Quiet on the Shelfian Front
  37. Serafina's Lover
  38. The Chosen One
  39. You've Got Mail
  40. Christmas in April
  41. Girl Talk I
  42. Girl Talk II
  43. Girl Talk III
  44. Arts Appreciation
  45. Forth Eorlingas
  46. The Reveal
  47. Meeting the Family
  48. Remembrance of Sparkles Past
  49. Home on the Range
  50. Portrait of a Sparklepire I
  51. Portrait of a Sparklepire II
  52. A Diversion!
  53. The Lion and the Lamb
  54. The Quiet Before the Storm
  55. First Impressions
  56. Boys Wanna Fight
  57. When You're Bored, You're Boring
  58. Falling Slowly
  59. Strawberry Shortestcake
  60. Oh, Dramatize
  61. The Sparkenpire 
  62. The Prodigals Return 
  63. Stream of Self-Consciousness

  64. The Littlest Stand-In

  65. One Is the Littlest Number 

  66. The Confession 

  67. Show and Tell 

  68. The Kiss

  69. Talking in Your Sleep

  70. Negotiations

  71. Shelf to the Future

  72. A Very Shelfy Christmas I 

  73. A Very Shelfy Christmas II 

  74. Sparklebeard's Wife
  75. The Gathering Storm
  76. Pins and Needles
  77. Paradise Found
  78. Paradise Lost
  79. Death and the Maiden
  80. Judgment Day
  81. The Haunting
  82. Wizards of the Shelf
  83. Bellissima
  84. Two by Two
  85. Stars and Stripes
  86. The Shelfiest Time of the Year




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