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Sites and journals

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Sites I either run or had/have accounts at. At which I had/have accounts. Something.

Unless specified, my username at any given site is probably "cleolinda."


Personal sites

  • The Daily Digest:
      Baby's first website! A movie news site I updated (sometimes in an irregular fashion) from September 8, 2001 to the spring of 2004. And then Movies in Fifteen Minutes happened, and I struggled to hang on to it for a year or two, but in late 2006 I finally came to accept that the Daily Digest chapter of my life was probably closed. I still own the site and domain, and it's still part of my email address; the name is, fortunately, non-specific enough that I could possibly use it for something else someday. Right now, I use it for storage.

  • cleolinda.com: Baby's second website! I wanted to have a domain where I could point people, sort of as an official author's site. Anything I wanted to do there is now being done here, so I may either move this wiki to that domain or point people here from the front page.

  • Black Ribbon: Lives on a Geocities site that I think is now included in the cleolinda.com domain.

  • Easyjournal:
      Still there, but private now and not updated. Anything worth saving was reposted and backdated at Occupation Girl.

  • Short Attention Span Theater:
      Still there, but not updated.

  • Trailer Park:
      Still there, but not updated.

  • Diaryland: Account now defunct. I had been using it as a writer's notebook.

  • Livejournal: See Occupation Girl, Movies in Fifteen Minutes.

  • JournalFen: Username cleolinda. I haven't updated it in a couple of years and never did use it much; it's mostly there so I can comment at various communities.

  • Greatest Journal:
      Semi-private. I use it to communicate with friends over there; it's not a public blog.

  • MySpace:
      I have one, but I have never been able to get into MySpace. It's too cluttered and I can't think of anything interesting to do with it. This means that I am officially Old and No Longer With It.

  • Facebook:
      I actually like this site, and play with the applications now and then.


Sites where I have accounts

  • Fiction Press:
      Now defunct, because FP ate my account. Probably because I hadn't updated it in a few millennia. I'm sad because I did have some nice reviews over there I wanted to save. It hosted some poetry, a few short stories and three chapters of Black Ribbon.

  • Snarkfest: I'm PrincessCleo there.

  • Library Thing:
      Am slowly adding my book collection to the database.

  • del.icio.us:
      Where all my bookmarks live.

  • Twitter, but I'm still working out how to make it worthwhile.



  • Kingdom of Loathing
  • Hollywood Stock Exchange
  • Neopets
  • GoPets
  • Webkinz

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