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Skyfoil, Scarves and Sparklepires

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February 13th, 2009: In which the Faramirs sit up all night and read Twilight, Iorek finally gets his bearly dignity back, and Faramir One embarks on a project to win Eowyn's heart.


Meanwhile, Iorek was still very upset about the whole archery incident, pointing out (very reasonably) that his dignity would not have suffered such injury if he'd had his armor. And I've been meaning to take care of that, and it sounded like a good way to make it up to him, so I trooped him and Lyra and Eowyn (as a way of making amends) down to the kitchen to look for some skyfoil.


"You think this is enough?"




So I crumpled it up into a ball and threw it up in the air. It landed with a tiny flat thwack on the table. "How's that?"















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