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Ten Things We Learn About Elves

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Link: Ten Things We Learn About Elves from Eragon.


She wears the white number at the end of the movie, and the black schoolgirl ninja ensemble in the battle before that. This leaves her in a beige/tan outfit for 90% of the movie. She's riding a horse in it, she runs into Robert Carlyle in it, Robert Carlyle subdues her with sheer fright-wigged fug, she falls down, she gets captured, at some point Bluey and the kid show up to save her, etc. She does not have an opportunity to change clothes until she gets to her kicky little black ninja skirt. Keep this in mind when I start gibbering about her shapeshifting, non-making-of-the-sense costumes.

6. Elves fall down a lot. This is an interesting development, as previously it was thought that only hobbits fall down a lot.



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