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The Chosen One

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March 29th, 2009: In which Serafina's choice of lover is revealed.


And just when I was really glad that Tonner hadn't made her a bow or a knife, she had Faramir One's sword in her hand before anyone even saw her grab it and suddenly we had a scuffle of everyone trying to throw themselves in front of everyone else--Lyra in front of Faramir Two, Faramir Two in front of Lyra, Eowyn trying to grab Lyra and pull her back (I really don't want to think that she was trying to shield Faramir One with Lyra, I know she's better than that), and Faramir One stupidly trying to figure out why his sheath was suddenly empty.









  • Re: cloud-pines: Serafina has a line in The Golden Compass (book): "... but for us to fly, all we have to do is tear off a branch of cloud-pine; any will do, and there are plenty more." So that particular branch of "cloud-juniper" doesn't have the Deep and Unique Significance of, say, Harry Potter's wand or Aragorn's sword; it really is, even within the doll story, "just a branch."







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