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The Last Straw

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March 9, 2009: In which Anna Dollerious loses her last grip on sanity.


"His presence is an insult to my family," she declared, whittling on a popsicle stick with her dagger. It was ominously stained with artificial cherry, as was my mouth. "The Valerii are descended from a PROUD RACE of VAMPIRE KILLERS. I am a PRINCESS. As the LEADER OF MY PEOPLE, I have RESPONSIBILITIES. And here in my village, there are CHILDREN and POLAR BEARS who must be PROTECTED."


"Oh, come on! You haven’t talked with that wackadoo Fauxmanian accent in YEARS!"










  • The large (well, for a jewelry box) wooden chest in the background of the Edward pictures is my grandmother's; she went ahead and gave it to me a few years back because I always loved playing in it as a kid.


  • That's only the left side of my dresser.


  • I think the cameo pendant is a 1928 (as in jewelry brand, not as in year of origin) piece.


  • My mother really does make a mean spaghetti sauce.


  • The wedding reception in question was a few years back--2001?--when my mother and stepfather got married. Since it was a second marriage for both of them, they had a very quiet ceremony with only immediate family at the church and a "reception" with a small group of friends and family at the house, which my mother cooked much of the food for herself. Really, it was one of the nicest receptions I've ever been to, when you think about what a wedding should really be about. And that's what the "formal toothpicks" were left over from.


  • Kate Beckinsale's accent in Van Helsing is... actually, I don't even know what it is.


  • That is, in fact, a paper clip holding the bundle of "stakes" onto Anna's belt.


  • I'm pretty sure Elizabeth Swann is called "Lizzie" at least once in at least one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Probably by Jack Sparrow. "Lizzie" is also the book/movie nickname for Elizabeth Bennet... who was also played by Keira Knightley.







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