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The Lion and the Lamb

Page history last edited by Cleolinda 14 years, 6 months ago

May 14th, 2009: In which The Littlest Edward expands his pony empire, opens a daycare, and endures the most acute temptation.



"What the hell is this? Are you running a daycare?"


He lifted his chin defiantly. "You can't tell me it's okay to let the big ones out and then say that I ought to leave the babies all by themselves."


"Well, you know, asking first would be--" I stopped short. "Edward, I'm going to ask you a question, and the answer better be no. Is that pony wearing a diaper?"












  • This entire entry is made up of bits that had been socked away in my MUST USE file for a very, very long time. Like, months. Like, since the moment I realized they were going to make a Littlest Bella and I started planning out the storyline.


  • Those still aren't all the My Little Ponies I own there in the stampede pictures. Those are only the ones with poses that looked reasonably like "running." I probably have just as many, if not more, that I couldn't put in the picture.


  • For my fellow pony nerds (click to enlarge):







Additionally, you can see Bow Tie and Sunlight in the foreground of this picture.


  • All of the nursery furniture and toys, minus the little plush horse and the "big" teddy bear, are actual My Little Pony "baby" toys that came with either the baby ponies themselves or a baby-themed playset. Well, and also except for the tea cart, which came from a Lady LovelyLocks playset. But the baby bottles on it are MLP.


  • "A three-inch-tall copy of Peter Rabbit": It's not in a photo (I didn't want to break the spine, which I'd have to do in order to pose TLE as if he were "reading" it), but I actually have this. Maybe we'll see it later.


  • The Silence of the Lambs was, for many years, my most favoritest movie ever. (I was a strange teenager, as all teenagers are.) Even now it's probably in my top five. If you have a lamb, there is only one thing you can name it, IMO.


  • Technically, Clarice is a Webkinz sheep, not a lamb. WHATEVER. LOOKS ENOUGH LIKE A LAMB TO ME. But this is why Galadriel and TE keep referring to it as "the sheep."


  • "Besides, I already ordered the Bella": Technically, by the time this entry was posted, the Bella had already been in my possession for a week.


  • "And everywhere that Edward went, the lamb did surely go": A number of people thought (not unreasonably) I must have planned the entire entry around that line, but it was actually the last thing I came up with, in an "Oh my God, HOW did I not think of that sooner?" way. Originally, Clarice wasn't ever going say anything at all (the silence of...), and we weren't ever going to see her again. But as I fleshed out the basic draft I'd written several weeks back, Clarice became more and more "dazzled," as it were--more like an actual character--and it didn't seem like she would "want" to disappear quietly.


  • One of the biggest howlers in Twilight--book or movie, although the movie does have the new line about "the skin of a killer"--is the following exchange between Edward and Bella:


EDWARD: And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.


BELLA: Stupid lamb.


EDWARD: Sick, masochistic lion.


Hence the title of this installment. Once I had an actual toy lamb in my possession--and I had it a good while before Easter--I couldn't not use it.








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