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The Reveal

Page history last edited by Cleolinda 12 years, 9 months ago

April 14th, 2009: In which everyone FINALLY gets to see what was inside The Package.



Of course, we will do whatever we can here on our end... please let me know...

Gosh, your poor Edward has been very well traveled!!

Keep me posted...

[Tonner representative]




"Most women do. I'm tired of it, really."









  • " You may gaze upon his fabulosity. Does he dazzle you?": I cannot tell you how long I had been waiting to pose the Tonner Edward exactly like the mspaint_lolz comic.


  • There is a clue in the entry relating to an ongoing subplot, but I should probably say no more than that.


  • I really was a Girl Scout. Well, a Brownie. I really did sell the cookies, though.


  • The weird thing about West Side Story jokes is that I first made a Jets/Sharks joke when the final Twilight trailer came out, and then reused it in Twilight in Fifteen Minutes. Then Robert Pattinson showed up in an online West Side Story homage photoshoot for Vanity Fair.







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