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The Secret Life of Dolls (entry)

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For more on the "Secret Life of Dolls" entries on Occupation Girl, see The Secret Life of Dolls. This page refers to a specific entry in that series.



The entry


The Secret Life of Dolls (September 17th, 2004):


The dolls already in possession of the desk shelf had varying reactions. Arwen is pissed because she realized that not only is Fugagorn nearly a head taller than she is, so is Eowyn, which is, and I quote, "so not on." (She had never noticed this before because I keep her a good foot away from the Eowyn doll, with Galadriel as a buffer, because they've already broken one jar of pens.) Galadriel asked if Fugagorn had come across a Celeborn doll, and upon hearing that he had not, muttered, "Aw, nuts." Eowyn started asking if he had any knives or daggers, and Arwen demanded that "that whore" be moved to the shelf with the Gene dolls, to which Eowyn shouted that she could shove them up her Elf Ass sideways, and Arwen tried to backhand her and caught Galadriel in the face instead, and I called a time-out on everyone involved. And then Fugagorn started asking if I had a Legolas doll (which I don't, but I'm thinking they definitely need to come out with a Faramir doll before another catfight breaks out), and that's when I decided it was time to go to bed.







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