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The Secret Life of Dolls

Page history last edited by Cleolinda 13 years, 7 months ago

If you've been reading my journal a while, you may have noticed that I have, uh, a rich inner life. That's a flattering way to phrase it. And I have a number of movie-related dolls on The Shelf across the room from my desk. And they have dramas all their own.


(You can read straight through the saga from beginning to end here.)




How to explain Secret Life


... to someone who thinks you and/or I are crazy:


1) "It's this girl who usually writes about movies and books and stuff but she also likes dolls, who are generally movie-related, and she wrote about the dolls a couple of times in passing as if they were real, and then one day she started writing about them picking out other dolls because she thought it was funny, and then it developed into a multi-fandom soap opera that she writes for fun, and some of the dolls are in love with each other and some of the others want to kill each other and one of them has a My Little Pony ranch. He's a sparklepire!"


2) "It's this girl and she's out of her mind, basically."




The players


(*) denotes a character portrayed by a doll or toy that is not a licensed tie-in product or character likeness. You'll find out why I felt the need to specify this... later.


From Lord of the Rings




From Van Helsing




From Pirates of the Caribbean




From The Golden Compass




From Twilight





Minor characters




Potential players


The dolls have discussed a number of potential additions to the family, including but not limited to Bellatrix LeStrange, Sweeney Todd, a Super Deluxe Premium Format Aragorn, various Elizabeth Swanns and/or Her Boy, The Joker, Alice Dollen, and John Connor.



Size reference


Pictures taken to help readers figure out relative sizes, current as of The Reveal (click to enlarge):







Early mentions




Full entries


  1. The Secret Life of Dolls (entry)
  2. More from the Secret Life of Dolls
  3. Guys and Dolls
  4. The Prototype
  5. Night Terrors
  6. The Rival
  7. The Interview
  8. Anticipation
  9. The Newcomer
  10. Well, A Few Creatures Were Stirring
  11. His Doll Materials
  12. Good Things, Small Packages
  13. Double Trouble
  14. Dollspam 1
  15. Dollspam 2
  16. A Momentous Occasion
  17. Scenes from a Shelf / Dollspam 3
  18. An Unexpected Development
  19. Zombie Sold Separately
  20. Game On
  21. The Continuing Saga
  22. Skyfoil, Scarves and Sparklepires
  23. The Starry Mantle
  24. Mirror, Mirror in the Bowl
  25. The Day Has Come
  26. He Who Fights Monsters
  27. Second Day, Third Degree
  28. The Care and Keeping of Your Sparklepire
  29. The Last Straw
  30. Matinee Idols
  31. A Shelf Divided
  32. The Scene of the Crime
  33. The Sparkle Protection Program
  34. Mea Culpa
  35. The Early Bird
  36. All Quiet on the Shelfian Front
  37. Serafina's Lover
  38. The Chosen One
  39. You've Got Mail
  40. Christmas in April
  41. Girl Talk I
  42. Girl Talk II
  43. Girl Talk III
  44. Arts Appreciation
  45. Forth Eorlingas
  46. The Reveal
  47. Meeting the Family
  48. Remembrance of Sparkles Past
  49. Home on the Range
  50. Portrait of a Sparklepire I
  51. Portrait of a Sparklepire II
  52. A Diversion!
  53. The Lion and the Lamb
  54. The Quiet Before the Storm
  55. First Impressions
  56. Boys Wanna Fight
  57. When You're Bored, You're Boring
  58. Falling Slowly
  59. Strawberry Shortestcake
  60. Oh, Dramatize
  61. The Sparkenpire
  62. The Prodigals Return
  63. Stream of Self-Consciousness
  64. The Littlest Stand-In
  65. One Is the Littlest Number
  66. The Confession
  67. Show and Tell






Multiple storylines may be running at once, but if you want to read all the entries pertaining or leading up to The Starry Mantle or the arrival of The Littlest Edward, this is what you're looking for.










See also





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