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The Starry Mantle

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February 14th, 2009: A Very Special Valentine's Day on The Shelf, in which Faramir One makes his move, and Faramir Two makes a confession.


Hey! The boys are back! They brought flowers for everyone, even me--an open camellia to float in a dish of water, which was sweet, and sprigs of tiny ornamental cherry blossom for the girls (I leaned over to see how Anna would take this, as she is not a flower kind of girl, but Anna and Elizabeth were missing from the festivities entirely. Hm), and a crown of yellow jasmine for Galadriel ("Like elanor!" she said, laughing). Fugagorn also had a long vine of it for White Arwen, who twirled it around herself while he held the end for her. And, of course, there were all the camellia petals in the world for Purple Arwen. I don't even want to know what May Day is going to be like around here.








The Starry Mantle


As described in Return of the King, it should be "a great blue mantle of the colour of deep summer-night, and it was set with silver stars around the hem and throat." As it turns out, I had a deep blue scarf printed with stars and moons--silver on one side, gold on the other. It's a very common scarf; you see it in tarot/celtic/Wicca catalogues a lot, sometimes described as a "field" for your tarot cards, other times as an "altar cloth." If you search (or Froogle) "sacred symbol scarf," you'll find it very easily, in an array of colors and symbol variations (suns, pentagrams, angels, unicorns, what-have-you). They're almost always priced at $8 each, from what I've seen. I don't know how to sew, so I just folded it three or four times until it was something approaching a square, tucked the corners in around Eowyn's arms, and called it a day. I think the scarf is something like 21 inches wide and 60 inches long, so depending on how many times you fold it, it could fit a variety of dolls (Eowyn is about 11 inches tall). Here's what it looks like on (silver side with the camera flash on; gold side with the camera flash off):





The sequence


As a sequence, the Starry Mantle story arc runs through these entries:


  1. A Momentous Occasion
  2. Scenes from a Shelf / Dollspam 3
  3. An Unexpected Development
  4. Zombie Sold Separately
  5. Game On
  6. The Continuing Saga
  7. Skyfoil, Scarves and Sparklepires
  8. The Starry Mantle







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