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When You're Bored, You're Boring

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May 28th, 2009: In which The Littlest Bella finds--or is at least assigned--a vocation, and Faramir Two nearly dies of irony. Also: Lyra is adorable.











  • Lyra is standing completely unaided in that first picture--no doll stands, no hidden supports, nothing. No, I don't know how I managed it either. The red and pink flowers are begonias from two large planters just to the right of the frame.


  • Look very closely at this picture, which has more than just books and the top of Bella's head in it:





  • None of Bella's likes (or dislikes) are made up. They're all mentioned in or observed from the books. (To clarify, she likes brown because it's a "warm" color and it reminds her of Phoenix. She hates green[ery] because Forks is so cold and rainforesty.)


  • See, Movie!Bella's a vegetarian because Edward is a "vegetarian" vampire who only eats animals, and this is how you know they are meant for each other. Or something.


  • The "kitchen" is a combination of pieces from a Strawberry Shortcake bakery playset, a Strawberry Shortcake house playset, and the My Little Pony Paradise estate, plus a few loose bits from God knows where.


  • Tonner Edward is not hidden in the kitchen picture--well, not intentionally--but I decided that the shadow of the printer looked like him for Falling Slowly.


  • Petit four literally translates to "small oven."


  • This entry comes from a dire need to give TLB something to do, as I had realized a while back that if I can't come up with "activities" for the dolls, I will have absolutely nothing to write about. And it helps to give them interests that then throw them together for various interactions.








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