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December 5th, 2009: Shelf to the Future


As you may remember, the Compocalypse set us way, way back in terms of The Secret Life of Dolls, and I have many, many events to catch you up on. However, I don't want us to miss Christmas--it just won't be as fun however many months from now it takes me to catch up--so I'll try to go ahead and tell you what I can. Obviously, however, I'll have to be vague about a few developments.

So. I've finally managed to wrestle Lyra back into her winter furs--for some reason, she just hates the changing of clothes, as much as she likes the outfits themselves. (Let us not even speak of hair-brushing.) Kids, I guess. Against my better judgment, I have allowed her to play outside since Iorek can go out again (Alabama summer--and fall--was just too hot for him), and he's a pretty good protector. And we've sorted out the Serafina-Faramir thing--that's the very next thing I'll tell you about--so she and he and Legolas and Faramir One and Eowyn are out with them as well. Elizabeth has started hanging out with them as well, given that Anna is a bit indisposed at the moment. They have to be, in light of the coming Squirrelmageddon.

Back to Anna... she is serving a substantial sentence in the cabinet at the moment, but I plan to let her out in time for Christmas. Once we found out what she was up to, we had to call another Shelf Council. I asked if she had anything to say for herself, but her only statement was "I REGRET NOTHING." Lizzie gets to visit her once a day to bring her pie, but Galadriel has bound the cabinet shut, so there won't be any escapes this time.

The Littlest Edward is enjoying the holiday season as much as you would expect. We've moved the Sparklerosa into my room, which means that I'm tripping over ponies most of the time, but they're in far less danger from the cat now, and now Little Edward doesn't have to commute between his beloved ponies and his beloved Bella. Which is a good thing, because she was starting to get a bit haggard there, not knowing where he was half the time. Clarice is sulking double-time now, of course, but I'm working on something to do about that. 

More importantly, The Littlest Edward is insistent that we decorate my bedroom--which makes up most of their world, after all--for Christmas. He would really like a string of lights (white lights, not colored; colored lights are so garish) and a little tree of some sort, but I don't know if I'll be able to swing that. Maybe I'll have to make another expedition to Hobby Lobby. It's going to involve a great deal of cleaning and tidying on my part anyway, so... that's just great. Bella, meanwhile, has her heart set on making a croquembouche--is that even a Christmas dessert? I don't even know; she just does. I asked if she wouldn't rather make a traditional plum pudding, and she said, "What? With the FLAMING BRANDY SAUCE? Yeah, I'm sure that'll work out REAL WELL." Touché.

The Ellowynes are dancing around asking if they get new outfits for Christmas. I have told them, very sternly, if they leave Tonner Edward alone, that they might.

Tonner Edward, meanwhile... he is not doing well. Really, really not well. I'll have to tell what exactly led up to my decision, but... I have put in a very special order for his sake, and I'm hoping it gets here in time.



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