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Varney the Vampire

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Varney the Vampire; or, the Feast of Blood is an 1845-1847 penny dreadful serial by--and no one can agree on this--James Malcolm Rymer or Thomas Preskett Prest. In fact (and apparently we can't agree on this, either), one of them also wrote the first appearance of Sweeney Todd, The String of Pearls. More importantly, "It is of epic length: the original edition ran to 868 double columned pages divided into 220 chapters. Altogether it totals nearly 667,000 words." In other words, it is the Mount Everest of vampire lit, if Mount Everest were hysterically melodramatic and doggedly repetitive. In other words: I'm reading this so you don't have to.





Chapters 1-3

"The girl has swooned, and the vampyre is at his hideous repast!"


Chapters 4-5

Please spay and neuter your Norwegian vampires.


´╗┐´╗┐Chapters 6-7

Includes the infamous Chapter About Matches.


Chapters 8-9
Vampire hunting is harrrrrrd. *draaaaag*


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